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Steve and Shelley Casagrande go to Plan B

plan (pln)
  1. A scheme, program, or method worked out beforehand for the accomplishment of an objective: a plan of attack.
  2. A proposed or tentative project or course of action: had no plans for the evening.
  3. A systematic arrangement of important parts; an outline or a sketch: the plan of a story.

B (b)
n., pl. B's.

  1. The second letter of the modern English alphabet.
  2. Any of the speech sounds represented by the letter b.
  3. The second in a series.

Goodbye Plan B, Hello Reality

September 2003: Back to reality. Jobs. Desks. Meetings. Daydreams and Memories. Buying a house, and opening 8 year old boxes.

February 2003: Epilogue: Back to Plan A: Denver, Colorado.

October 2002: 1.5 years, 15,000 miles, and countless memories. Yes, it's the end of Plan B!

September 2002: One final trip. We start our route back to Kansas along the Lewis and Clark Trail - 2000 miles and one month to go.

August 2002: The end of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Trail! Come with us through Montana, our last state, before hitting the end of the ride at the Canadian border.

August 8, 2002: Special feature for new visitors - click on the front-page image (top right of the page) for the previous front-page pictures.

July 2002: North through Colorado's ski country, Wyoming's Great Divide Basin, and the Grand Teton National Park.

Late June 2002: Northern New Mexico and southern Colorado - finally, some surface water - but don't drink it!

June 2002: Starting the Great Divide Ride: 2500 miles of off-road mountain biking along the continental divide from Mexico to Canada. This installment takes us through much of New Mexico.

May 2002: Farewell to New Zealand, finishing with the Queen Charlotte Track (well, almost) and Great Barrier Island.

April 2002: Fiordland and the West Coast - Cruising, Cycling, and Hiking.

Late March 2002: Banks Penninsula, rail trails, and the world's steepest street in Southern New Zealand.

Early March 2002: Going off-road on the South Island of New Zealand. A preview for our next excursion in a couple of months.

March 2002: One year. 12 Months. 365 Days. And just 2 T-shirts. A small look back at the first year of Plan B.

February 2002: More from New Zealand: North Island's Bay of Plenty to Wellington.

January 2002: Down Under (again): Cycling the North Island of New Zealand.

End of December 2001: Finishing Europe in Portugal.

December 2001: Cycling through southern Spain and Gibraltar.

November 2001: A car trip through Western Europe: France, Germany, Belgium.

October 2001: We're done with the North America (for now)! Here are the pages from Virginia and North Carolina.

September 2001: Ozark and Appalachian Mountains of Missouri, Illinios, and Kentucky

August-September 2001: The plains of Kansas.

July-August 2001: Down the rockies: Montana, Wyoming, Colorado.

June 22- July 13, 2001: Into the Canadian Rockies.

June 2001: Cycling through Idaho and Montana.

May 2001: Starting the Transamerica Trail: Oregon and Washington

May 5-6, 2001: Wilson's Promontory National Park, Victoria, Australia

April 2001: Riding from Melbourne to Sydney.

March 25-April 2, 2001: Diving at the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney.

March 15-22, 2001: Riding along the Great Ocean Road.

Plan B: What? Why?

March 2001: Plan B. See ya. We're outta here. Australia, USA and Canada west to east through 3Q2001, New Zealand 3Q2001/1Q2002, Europe spring/summer 2002. Tandem, trailer, Tevas, tent. Up to 18 months.


Old news from another life:

December 2000: Happy Holidays from Steve and Shelley! Our holiday letter is late getting out - read it here and find out our excuse at the end.

November 2000: Images from a weekend trip to Beijing, China, including the Great Wall.

October 2000: Images from our trip to Xian, China.

September 2000: Article on our Bike tour of Bali, written by Joe Rutch, our accomplice in crime.

Shelley on the Sydney Harbor BridgeAugust 2000: Shelley hikes to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, climbing up the support cables.

April 2000: Easter in Cambodia. Phnom Penh and Siem Reap (Angkor Wat).

December 1999/January 2000: New Zealand "millennium" trip.

October 10-23: Nepal Adventure. 300+ pictures (80+MB), all at the Nepal Image Site. (most is available)

October 1-3, 1999: We revisit Singapore - for the food!

September 24-26, 1999: Leo and Grace Casagrande arrive in Hong Kong.

September 19, 1999: Steve and Shelley dust off the cobwebs and ride up to Victoria Peak. It's been 9 months since being on the bikes - and it was a great ride (if a little overcast - it was just a couple of days since Typhoon York had hit Hong Kong).

On the peak

September 5-15, 1999: Sue and Ray Bitel in Hong Kong and the Philippines.

August 1, 1999: Hong Kong and Lantau Island.

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