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New Zealand Trip, Dec 1999/Jan 2000 - Page 3


The West Coast

After being picked up back in Queenstown from our hike along the Milford Track, we drove up the west coast of the South Island. Along the way we stopped at Franz Josef Glacier for a quick view - during our last trip we had hiked up on this glacier with Joe and Joy. This time we simply walked out to get a better view on a beautiful day.

A typical scene while driving in New Zealand Franz Josef Glacier
(wouldn't this be a good album cover?)

As we drove up the west coast of the south island, we stopped for a view of the coast, and then stayed in Westport, where Shelley and Steve went cave-rafting to see some glow worms. Of course, there's no pictures of this!

The North Island

Finally, wedrove up to Picton and on to the North Island: Wellington via the ferry. From Wellington we drove up to Tongario National Park for a couple of days of hiking around the volcanic terrain.

Steve and Shelley on the West Coast

Steve Hiking on the North Island
Tongario National Park

Hiking on the Tongario Crossing trail (a one-day hike) was great - moving from the volcanic moonscape on into grasslands, and finally down into a rainforest.

Steam coming up from hot springs

Shelley ready for the decent

After Tongario National Park, we drove up to Rotorua - a great place for a soak in the hot springs. Shelley and Steve soaked all afternoon while Ray and Sue went sightseeing - but not before we stopped at the tacky tourist stop of Hell's Gate.

Shelley and Ray in Tongario

The Bitels at Hell's Gate



Geyser, Hell's Gate

Finally, our last day before heading for the Aukland Airport, we walked through a nice forest of Sequoias to a fantastic spring - filing up our water bottles for the ride home.

Hiking in Sequoias Getting some Spring Water for the flight home


New Zealand Trip, Dec 1999/Jan 2000 - Page 3