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Cambodia Trip: April 2000

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Siem Reap Temples

The reason most people go to Cambodia is to visit the temples around Siem Reap. The most famous of these is Angkor Wat, although there are hundreds of temples in the area. Many have had extensive damage inflicted on them as a result of war, looting, and the natural encroachment of the jungle.

The following are some images from the temples of Angkor Wat and the surrounding area.

Drive between statues (and tourists)

Shelley and Steve


"Three for one dollar!"

Rebuilding - in Hong Kong, skyscrapers are built
with bamboo scaffolding; in Cambodia they repair
1000 year-old temples with steel scaffolding.


In front of Angkor Wat

Monks on the road across the moat to Angkor Wat


Shelley at Angkor Wat
(Notice the bullet holes in sandstone)

Steve at Angkor Wat


Elephant Rides: $10 (we passed)

Shelley and our guide explore
bas-reliefs at Angkor Wat



Jungle overtaking temples




This pool fills with 'healing waters'
during the rainy season

Commerce at the Temple
"I remember you - you buy from me later?"



  Watching the sunset over Angkor Wat



Cambodia Trip: April 2000

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