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Beijing, China - November 2000


Beijing, China

Beijing in November may not be the warmest place to visit - especially when you're normally in warm Hong Kong. We took a weekend trip to China's capital city to visit some of the famous sights, including a couple of trips to the Great Wall.

We were able to secure a private car and driver for the weekend, which made the trip quite easy. We'd just tell him where we wanted to go, and off we'd drive. A cold weekend, but quite enjoyable.


Shelley at the Wall.

Shelley at the Great Wall;
note the dusting of snow and the wall
ascending into the clouds.



We were the only tourists at this section
of the wall this day; we had our own private
hawkers following us around. Oh, yay.


Steve at the Wall.

Day 2 at the wall. Finally, a relatively clear day.


Lots of other tourists at the wall.

No, we weren't alone at this section.


Clear day at the wall.

Blue skies. Gotta love it.


Shelley on a Camel.

Shelley on a 2-humped camel.
She wanted to ride it all the way back to Beijing.


Coal for energy.

Yes, that's a pile of coal to the right.
It's used all over for heat and cooking.


Summer Palace

The summer palace in Beijing.


Forbidden City.

Forbidden City, Beijing.


Forbidden City

Forbidden City, Beijing.


Beijing, China - November 2000